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Welcome to NW Tree Nursery, where nature’s beauty thrives, and dreams take root. Our story began in 1995 when we embarked on building a landscaping company armed with little more than a truck and a trusty lawn mower. As NW Landscape Management and our expertise grew, so did our aspirations, and we expanded into landscape design and installation, crafting breathtaking landscapes featured in the esteemed Federal Way Symphony Garden Tours.

But our journey didn’t stop there. A seed of an idea took hold—a dream to start a nursery of our own. In 2006, destiny beckoned us to a 40-acre farm nestled in the foothills of the majestic Cascades, just a stone’s throw away from the charming town of Orting. We moved our young family to the farm, and we began planting trees and plants to use in our landscaping work.

Amidst the great growing conditions of our farm, our plantings thrived and in 2015, we launched our tree farm nursery, utilizing the trees we had grown for our landscaping projects and making them available both to the general public and wholesale customers.

At NW Tree Nursery, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our selection of healthy and mature trees can be great additions to your landscape. Whether you are seeking to enhance your landscape with vibrant Red and Green Maples, beautiful Dogwood, or unique Smoke Trees, you can find trees of many sizes to fit your needs.

If privacy is your desire, we offer a range of screening trees such as Emerald Green arborvitae, Excelsa Cedar, Leyland Cypress, and Western Red Cedar. We have other evergreen options too such as Cedrus Deodar, Grand Fir and Dwarf Mt Hemlock and Alpine Fir.

Convenience is key in today’s fast-paced world, and we understand the value of your time. That’s why we provide the option to order trees and arrange hassle-free delivery and optional planting service. We also welcome you to come visit and take a look in person. Schedule an appointment, stroll through our trees, enjoy the trout pond and waterfall, say hello to our feathered and furry friends, and discover the joy of selecting your perfect tree addition firsthand!

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Thanks for the great job with the Cedar trees. They look great!.”


Excellent work, good customer relations. Timing was also excellent and workers did a fine job cleaning up at the end of the day...were very satisfied with this contractor.”

M. TIHISTA Customer

Dennis was a pleasure to work with helping to find a good screening tree for our hillside. The trees were delivered on time, planted in the areas suggested, and are looking healthy and growing well. Thank you for a job well done! Sincerely, ”

J. HESS Customer

We love our Cedrus Deodora—it is a beautiful addition to our backyard!.”

K. WESCOTT Customer